Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Repost from TheGatwayPundit: Archbishop Vigano Calls for Swiss Guard to Arrest Pope Francis

Archbishop Viganò Calls for Swiss Guards to Arrest Pope Francis and Cardinal Responsible for Pornograhic Book


My comment:

Archbishop Vigano, like Archbishop Fulton Sheen before him, understands the infiltration of the Catholic Church, and to his credit, consistently stands against these forces.  He has also consistently stood against the globalist agenda worldwide.

Lest other denominations think this is solely a Catholic problem, it might be that some of the forces that have influenced the church’s message, and preached cessationism, might also be an infiltration, just of another kind … AI or some other force, perhaps freemasonry, perhaps freemasons sitting on some church boards and stifling the churches.

“Let him that is without sin among you cast the first stone” and let not the pot call the kettle black.



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