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My People Are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge

To all people and Christians, if you are ignorant of what is going on, and “go along to get along”, you and your family are in danger. I encourage you to learn more.

The same serpent that deceived Adam and Eve in the garden is working through the false prophet of the corrupted media that lies and progandizes.

Parents, don’t be ignorant and allow your children to be destroyed.  Don’t offer your children as a sacrifice to satan.  Wake up!

Repost: Multiple Young Athletes And Beauty Queen Die After Covid Vaccine
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There is ongoing information at these and other related sites to help you stand against the agenda of the satanic globalists, which is what they are. If you are going along to get along, you are on the wrong side of this and there will be a horrendous price to pay. You can lose your life and the lives of your family members if you are ignorant and just go along with them.

This is not a legitimate authorized government.

Christians get confused. They say, we need to obey government, and with that they give up all responsibility.

Jesus said, “Judge righteous judgement.” There is a place to judge right and wrong.

Why did the nation(s) (Allies) go to war against Hitler? Government has to be legitimate in the spirit of the law. A government whose agenda is to maim and kill its citizens and take away legal rights and sidestep and trample on law is not a legitimate government.

Ignorance is not bliss.

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