Waking Up

For those who have been paying attention to these things, it is evident that the globalists have been working to depopulate the world; toxic vaccines or jabs; biological warfare plagues; poisons in the food supply; agendas to eliminate the food supply altogether, weather catastrophes created by HAARP and chemtrails that create droughts, floods, other disasters that destroy crops; transgenderism which includes operating on children so they can’t have children themselves when they are adults (effectively creating the eunuchs of long-ago civilizations), dangers from AIs…all these multi-headed warfare operations are being simultaneously deployed against humanity.   Ultimately, satan is influencing these agendas at the highest levels of power.

It looks like the latest agenda that they want to add is war.  This war in Ukraine was billed as something that was supposedly to preserve democracy and for security.  That has been debunked.  Think.  You don’t have to go to Ukraine to increase security for the United States.  Just start at the southern border.

No, they want to progress this war to a new level, as a new part of the depopulation agenda.  It has not been enough to murder Ukrainians needlessly.  Now they want to add other young men and women.  One of the representatives in Congress has a great idea.  Send those Congressmen who vote for this to serve in the military themselves.

In WWII, the church passively let Hitler come to power.  There were some, notably Bonhoeffer and Niemöller who realized things earlier than others, but by the time the church woke up, it was too late.

These people need to be prayed out and also taken out by legal means.  And there need to be international tribunals for the crimes.  These are crimes against humanity.



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