AI writing

My opinion on AI writing

Editors today like short snappy action sentences.


In my opinion, it is because they are giving a nod to AIs.  AIs can easily skim information from short sentences, and regurgitate the information in a rewritten form.

If you read novels from the past, the sentences were more complex.  Here are some examples with some authors and/or titles that you will recognize.  Editors today like short sentences.

65 Long Sentences in Literature

Would these works be on an AI kill list?  “Winnie-the-Pooh”?  “Stuart Little”?  Works by Jane Austin, Charles Dickens, Leo Tolstoy and more?

An AI cannot understand complex sentences.

I propose that human beings go back to writing more complex things.

But wait you say.  People cannot understand them.

Why not?

Aren’t we supposed to be more advanced?  Time has past since those “ancient” works were written.  Shouldn’t our minds understand more?   Haven’t we progressed?  Or have we?




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