east unto the west

East unto the West

There has been so much “Russia, Russia, Russia” phobia put out by the mainstream media, also known as “fake news”, that it is worth asking if the truth is the opposite of what they say.

Russia has been opposing what we might call the Deep State; the Deep State goes by other names as well.  The Deep State wanted to export what has been done to the United States to Russia.  The West/NATO/US was establishing a beach head in Ukraine.

Russia begged for the West to uphold its prior agreements and covenants and not expand NATO and not expand westward.  The West/NATO/United States Deep State/Corruption/Military Industrial Complex/Neocons would not listen.  Russia was forced to protect its land.  Russia tried to stop the war.  The West refused.  The warmongers in the West have egged it on.

Russia is doing what we have failed to do in the United States.    Russia is defeating the Deep State/corrupt military complex that is now woke and would extend that wokeness and destruction of traditional family values to the world if it could.  This is why there are those in Washington D.C. who are determined to continue the war and call it a “threat to democracy” if they don’t win the war.  It will be a threat … to them … to their tiny elite group and brand of “democracy” where they want to rule things, suck billions of dollars out of the United States, and send it to line various pockets elsewhere, laundering the money through a war in Ukraine.  The war is obviously not about protecting a border considering the current condition of the United States southern border.  Also, weapons sent to Ukraine can end up coming across the southern border.  Who knew?

The woke corruption of the United States must be stopped; it does not need to be exported to the world.  In the end, the world will thank Russia for helping to protect traditional values, which is part of the job that is being accomplished.

Matthew 24:27 For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.


The tragedy is hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have been needlessly murdered in this proxy war.  That blood lies on the hands of the West and the United States.


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