The Children Contend with Giants in the Land

The Old Testament, as well as the New Testament, are written for our admonition and instruction. There is nothing new under the sun, what goes around comes around. Experiences common to mankind are experiences common to mankind and resurface in various generations.  And the Bible shows us those examples as well as God’s wisdom on how to deal with them.

In the Old Testament, the Lord wanted to bring the children of Israel into the promised land but could not at that time due to doubt and unbelief and an unwillingness to contend with the giants in the land. It was the children that took the cities.

That seems to be happening today.

Older generations get “settled on their lees” and get stuck in comfort zone and are unwilling to contend for a variety of reasons.  Western society has been pre-empted by an anti-Christian, anti-traditional-morality, anti-western-culture elite ruling class, probably tied into AIs at this point in ways not yet easily evident.  A point should be made that if an AI makes a decision destructive to civilization, under what legal jurisidiction will that AI be charged?  Pay attention.  There need to be laws directly linking AIs to those who create them and program them; there can be no loopholes.

In order not to be pre-empted by some catastrophic event, those legal discussions need to happen among those who are trained and capable and have the authority in such matters.

Going back to the children taking the cities, here are two examples where the young people are the adults in the room, willing to contend where adults at some point, did not.

The articles are reposted from TheGatewayPundit.

FURRY INFESTATION: Middle School Students Walk Out in Protest After School Leaders Allow “Furries” to Terrorize Them – They BITE, SCRATCH, BARK, CHEW ON STICKS, HAVE A KITTY LITTER BOX in Bathroom (VIDEO)

Repost from TheGatewayPundit re: “‘It’s a sad day when the middle school girls have to be the adults in the room.’”

Along the same lines of discussion, here is the problem:

War on Women: Biden Regime Proudly Abolishes Title IX – Will Now Force Women to Allow Biological Men in Their Locker Rooms, On their Team Sports and in Their Bathrooms

I’ve said this before and will repeat it. In 2020, I did a lot of calling for the Republican party. From time to time those I called would ask me who was more popular. I said, “Trump”, but I added a caveat along the lines of those who are anti-Trump are way more aggressive. There seems to be a thought among conservatives that if we are weak and don’t contend and leave them alone and are nice that they will simply go away. No, that doesn’t work.

I personally believe at this point that Russia will be the one of those who helps stop the degradation of western civilization. They do not welcome or promote wokeness and transgenderism. Really, that is what the war is about.   Ultimately the war is about which world view will ultimately take over the world and if national resources can continue to be pillaged by an elite that will use any tool at its disposal:  war, geoengineering*, biological warfare under the guise of vaccinations … anything … to achieve its purposes of world domination.

It’s not about protecting borders. “Come on, man,” if you believe that, then why is the United States southern border wide open?  Russia is the last stronghold against the satanic infiltration that has taken over the west. True, there is some warring within the United States against internal corruption, but so far, it’s not moved significantly to the governmental realm and realm of justice where things need to change. And, just a reminder, if we don’t have security paper, paper ballots to vote, which Mike Lindell has been advocating for, how do you ensure that 2024 will not be stolen? “Come on, man.” It is obvious that there is a tiered justice system. If you say and do what the rulers want, you are treated kindly. If you do not do what the rulers want, they oppose you. If that is not evident to any reader at this point, it is unlikely anything I could say would convince you, so I won’t try.

There are leaders such as Orbán in Hungary and the leader in El Salvador, that are standing against the monsters of transgenderism, wokeness, and lawlessness. They, along with Russia, and other like-minded nations that support traditional values, ultimately may be the ones that come against criminality within Washington, DC and NATO. It would be a honor if the United States would deal with its problems from within, but it seems quagmired in being polite … or bribed, blackmailed, threatened, or compromised as the case may be.

We the People need to deal with the government in this nation as a two year old that refuses to do what the parent says. The parent of government is We the People and if we permit rogue administrations determined to destroy the nation to remain in office, there is no one to blame but ourselves.

Because the United States has such a huge influence for bad or good, it may take other nations who rise up and under international law to go after criminals within the ruling class of the United States, as well as those operating as NGOs. And that would be a blessing for us all.



So much can be said about geoengineering.  By shifting weather patterns, so much can be accomplished, in a nefarious way.   By affecting growing seasons that affects  the strength of nations because people need to eat.  It also affects the commodity markets and people in the know can make money.  It can affect what military bases or airports are operable.  As some would say … the possibilities are endless.  A particular area can be destroyed, so that the original landowners are forced out and new ones can come in buying real estate for pennies on the dollar.  If you control the weather, you can control the world as Lyndon Johnson said.



Hosea 4:6  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge ….

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