A Question, Some Thoughts

This is in the news today.  The threat was “flip” or “we indict your wife”.

If you keep up with these things, this strong-armed tactic is not an isolated incident.  Various means are used to control politicians and others.

So the question is, in relation to all these Cessationist type of meetings, videos, etc., is there similar pressure being put on those who say such things?  Is there similar pressure being brought on ministers in various ways?

From the Bible, we know that praying in the spirit is an effective way to pray when one does not know how to pray.  Certainly there are things in this nation that would come under a “don’t know how to pray” heading.  Or, at least, once one finishes prayer in English, that person can move onto praying in the Spirit.

And who would not want that to happen?  And why?

This is a question for the “brethren” since many of the speakers are male.  Men need to deal with men.

The hard questions need to be asked by somebody.  Why is the church opposing one of the gifts of the Spirit that could liberally used on behalf of the nation?

If, instead of being dissed through a conference, a movie, a YouTube video, etc., instead of negating a gift the Lord has given the church, instead of negating that,  what if it were liberally taught on, and encourged, not only for personal prayer,  but on behalf of the nation?

There has been infilitration in the church.  One easy historical way to see that is to look at Harvard.  Harvard started with a Christian foundation.  Look at it now.

So how exactly is pressure being brought to bear on pastors and religious leaders?  Can they even talk to one another about it?  Whom can they trust?

How is Cessationist movement connected to any infiltration or blackmail or threats?  Do pastors and leaders know whom they can trust?

I searched and could not find a link because Google does not let these kinds of things float to the top in searches, and I did not save the link when I saw it, but one current method of blackmail is to put child porn on a phone as a leverage against a person.  So what about ministers?  What is actually happening?

What about others?

Why the chill in standing against obvious corruption?  Why the push for cessationism?

Problems will not be solved without asking the hard questions.

I Corinthians 16:13 Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.

Perhaps men need to retreat to their “man caves” and figure this out with each other, or at least find out whom they can trust.

I personally don’t think the cessationist movement is simply because some people can’t read what is written in plain English in the Bible. The baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit were in operation in book of Acts and have continued to be in operation since the book of Acts. There are way too many examples throughout history for this to even be a question.

When something doesn’t pass the test of common sense, the question has to be asked … Why?



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