the changing goal post

The Changing Goal Post

Over time, the progressive left has changed the goal post so they could avoid dealing with one sticking point for which they have no answer. That sticking point is the resurection of Jesus Christ.

They try to take the discussion to other issues such as transgenderism, abortion (misnomered “women’s rights”), evolution … anywhere but back to the historical thread of the Bible.

The Bible gives the history of the world.

God created man and gave him dominion.
Man disobeyed God and lost that dominion.
Jesus paid the price to restore mankind.
Each person has a choice to receive what Jesus has done, turn to Jesus, and follow Jesus.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the one sticking point that no one, no matter how much ink they have in the public space, is willing to address.

For if they attempt to address that issue, they lose the debate.

Jesus was born, lived, crucified, his blood was shed for mankind’s redemption, Jesus was buried and rose from the dead.

The bottom line is do you ignore the Son of God who rose from the dead?

What do you do with Jesus?

That is why they would rather take the discussion to some other tangent.

And while those issues are important, the real issue, the root issue is that Jesus rose from the dead.

The progressive/left/woke/atheist/satanic side of thought doesn’t have an answer for that. And they don’t want to talk about it because a discussion about Jesus will lead to a discussion of morals, ethics, and things that are currently dissed in modern society, especially in the two- or three- tiered levels of justice.

Having risen from the dead, Jesus is Lord and has the authority to structure this earth in the structure of the kingdom of heaven.

“Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.”

God’s kingdom immediately provides a standard to a lot of problems on earth: lying judges and politicians, pedophilia, pornography, toxic jabs forced on mankind and so much more.

Evil does not exist in God’s kingdom.

However, God did create a free will universe.

The love of money, the fear of man’s opinion, or sin may keep someone going the wrong direction.

The day will come when gig’s up. Like musical chairs the music will stop.

It’s better to find a place seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus before that happens.

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