unsheath the sword of the spirit

Don’t Agree with Woke Language

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church (Knoxville, Tennessee) - stained glass, Sword of the Spirit

Nheyob, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Do not allow the woke to change your language. They change the language and in doing so, attempt to move the goal posts of history.

Instead of calling something “crazy” behavior as they would like, it might be called rebellious, or murderous, or thieving. But when the woke progressive left can get the church and news commentators to call it “crazy” then it makes despicable behavior sound gentler, like a mental illness, and the progressive left would claim that they are not responsible for a mental illness.

Instead of calling something an addiction or alcoholism, it is called “self-medication”.

Instead of calling something pedophilia, it is called MAP, minor-attracted-person.

Instead of mother there is birthing person.

Instead of abortion it is called letting them be comfortable.

The list goes on. The changing of the language, the softening of the terms, moves the church and society away from the idea of sin and death.

The wages of sin is death.

To align with their language is to open the door in a soft way to their purposes.

Terms must be brought back to their historical beginnings.

Losing the war of language is part of losing the war of culture.

Unsheath the sword of the spirit and use the terms in the Word of God.

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