Repost from TheGatewayPundit re: Analysis of a puppet for power

Billionaire David Sacks Perfectly Describes What Democrats and the Biden Regime Have Become: ‘The Mask Has Come Off’ (VIDEO)

Regardless of your eschatological beliefs, vote to remove those who are puppets for the Deep State/Globalists a.k.a. atheists, communists, and secularists who use their puppets and positions for lust, power, and profit.

Don’t believe the lie that there is a separation of church and state.   There is never a separation of the need for government run by righteousness.

Government, even if it is secular, still needs to be run in a righteous way, with true justice.  And that requires people who believe in righteousness and true justice to vote for it.  Otherwise, they will get unrighteous, unjust rulers.

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