There’s a Growing Problem for Corporations

Among those who track these things, there is an awareness, like the fires in Maui, that they were caused by energy weapons.   It is a way to express displeasure to a state that is resisting illegal invasions or perhaps a way to destroy the food supply in line with globalist objectives.  Or perhaps it is a way to destroy real estate, force the original landowners out, and pick up the pieces of real estate for pennies on the dollar.  In any case, weapons from space as well as weapons due to weather modification and HAARP exist.

The question is, whether corporations will allow themselves to be the fall guys for others who actually instigate disasters caused by non-natural means.  The people who are the instigators become legally liable and will corporations simply allow these other entities to create chaos and then permit themselves to be the fall guys without a peep?   That means that they will be carrying the legal liability for some other entity.

And while we are on the topic, this is another reason to oppose AI.  With the ability to pick up voices and images, the day may come when an AI creates a video of a political enemy to the State, the video has the voice of the individual, the images of the individual … and the problem is, none of it is real.  But it is put on social media and maybe tried before a judge who is an AI itself.  Think ahead.  See where this is going.  Don’t be so willing to embrace AI.  AI will be no better than the people who program it.  At this point, AI probably has a greater potential for evil than good until the programming is cleaned up.

It used to be that we would talk about how small businesses and family farms were being destroyed.  Now, due to the illegal invasion permitted by the occupier-in-chief administration that was not duly elected in 2020 and has taken advantage of the last four years to hasten the destruction of a nation, due to those policies we see even corporate outlets shuttering in various cities due to theft and crime.

For change to happen, it sometimes comes down to the time when it affects “me”,  whatever “me”, represents … a business, a home, a farm, a corporation, a city, a school, a family, a church, a career … that finally someone says “enough is enough”.  When a person’s home or business or farm is destroyed by a weather weapon or energy weapon, and it is recognized that what happened is out of natural order, the suffering and loss might lead to an investigation.

Are corporations and individuals and businesses and cities and counties and states going to allow mass destruction of agricultural crops, land, and homes and simply call it a natural disaster or will they try to find out what is causing it at the root and deal with it?  And that will mean that some people hidden in the shadows are legally liable.

That is why there are such cries from the powerful to “save democracy” which in doublespeak really means to save a small group of people, oligarchs, who want to create the world in their image, and have all power, wealth and authority.   They will start a war in Ukraine and kills hundreds of thousands in an proxy war in an attempt to keep their power.

So, will Xcel Energy be the fall guy or not?  If it becomes the fall guy, that will embolden the cry for green energy  … “an electricity company did this”.

If I am proven wrong, I apologize in advance.

But I don’t expect to be incorrect on this.

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